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In addition to the intro kit, you’ll get 60% off every order. Plus, monthly Feel the Love emails will give you VIP access to things like; deep(er) discounts, free shipping, samples, and more.

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We know you're busy! We don't want to make you jump through hoops. If you have questions, or want to learn more about Nikwax, you can always come to this site to watch videos and read our retail FAQs.

New to REI Stores

Odor Destroyer

Nikwax Basewash is THE must-have cleaner for anyone with activewear, fitness clothing, or any other synthetic next-to-skin clothes that get FUNKY.


Basewash eliminates embedded odors and enhances wicking- helping your clothes dry even faster, keeping you comfortable and smelling fresh!

Wool Enhancer

Nikwax Wool Wash is for all you wool geeks out there. You know who you are. Great for anything made from merino from socks to tops.

Wool Wash preserves the natural wonder of wool, all while enhancing wicking and softening. Help your wool dry faster and keep things cozy.

Tent Saver

Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarwash is a cleaner with UV protection added to help protect your tents and other grubby gear from UV deterioration.

Cleaning with this easy-to-use spray-on cleaner (with foaming sprayhead to help prevent product runoff) will extend the life of tents by 50%.

Sandal Salvation

Nikwax Sandalwash is a cleaner and de-stinker for sandals and other footwear worn without socks.

Cleaning with Sandalwash eliminates gnarly odors on warm-weather footwear (Looking at you Chacos, Tevas, Keens, and Birkenstocks!), as well as climbing shoes, footbeds, and boat shoes.


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The Rules

  • To be eligible for the Nikwax Feel the Love Retail Program, you must be employed by a valid Nikwax retailer in the United States or Canada.

  • By applying you agree to opt-in to Nikwax emails, as all discounts are sent via email. To unsubscribe at any time, click the "unsubscribe" link on the email. You do not have to opt in to receive your starter kit (zipper pouch), but you will receive no further discounts. 

  • Monthly specials may include, but are not limited to: Free shipping, deep discounts on selected Nikwax products, free samples of selected Nikwax products, Nikwax promotional items, and doodads of various types.

  • All orders must ship to your retail location.

  • All orders must be placed on nikwax.com. Be patient with the site. It is old and not mobile-optimized, but it is secure.

  • The discounts are for you and you alone. You may not share them with others. Encourage your team members at work to apply for themselves. Any perceived abuse of the program will be investigated, and may cause your shop to be excluded from the program. (In other words, be cool!)

For those of you who remember Feel The Love, this is a version updated for the times! We want to help you try out Nikwax products for yourselves so you can sell them with confidence. We're keeping the deals sweet, and there will be a new one every month. We're so excited to be bringing this back! We hope you are too.

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Nikwax is the global leader in safe, high performance cleaning and waterproofing products for outdoor clothing, footwear, and equipment. Nikwax products help people in their outdoor pursuits. From extending the life of outdoor gear, to helping adventurers enjoy all types of weather, Nikwax helps people do more.

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