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Can I mix products together?

Nope! Please don't. We get this question a lot. It seems people want to expedite things, but it will only result in a mess. Do separate loads for cleaning and waterproofing.

Does the jacket/tent/boot have to be wet before I spray on Nikwax Waterproofing?

Yes! With the exception of Waterproofing Wax for Leather, which can be applied to wet or dry CLEAN leather, all Nikwax products should be appled to wet materials. This is because Nikwax products are waterbased, meaning water is the carrier for the waterproofing agents. That way the waterproofing goes where the water is, and ensures the best possible coverage. Besides, you should have cleaned first before waterproofing anyway... right?

Do Nikwax Wash-in waterproofing products hurt breathability?

Nope! Nikwax waterproofing products use advanced elastomer technology to deliver flexible waterproofing that wraps around the individual fibers of the materials they are treating. This leaves the tiny spces in between intact and allows for breathability to be preserved.

What do the green and purple caps mean?

Green=Clean (It's a cleaner) Purple=Proof (It's a waterproofer)

What are PFCs and why doesn't Nikwax use them?

PFCs are a family of fluorochemicals that are used in many water-repellent coatings. They are quite good at repelling water, but have been proven to cause health issues in humans and animals. Nikwax has never used PFCs in any of our products, as the concept of bringing high concentrations of such harmful chemicals into the home, as well as polluting the environment, is abhorrent to us. If you really want to geek out on PFCs and why we don't use them, go here.

What is Nikwax's environmental stance?

We are fully aware that if humankind is to continue enjoying what nature provides, then we all have to think hard about how we are going to protect it. Our commitment is what we call our 4Cs. Clean Chemistry Carbon Balancing Conservation Consumption Reduction

When shoud you use Wash-In waterproofing vs Spray-On?

Wash-in treatments immerse a garment and allow for a complete and even coating of the active ingredients to all the fibers, zippers and threads. The treatment finds its way to the back of zips and pocket flaps, behind velcro tabs – all the places that are easy to miss with spray-on treatments. You do not miss any part of your item. Spray-on is great for targerting specfic ares, or if a garment or item has a moisture wicking liner that cannot be waterproofed.

Do I need heat to activate Nikwax Waterproofing?

We have created products that do not need heat to establish the bond between the waterproofing polymer and fabric. Yes, it's true! Using Nikwax products will achieve the same, if not better, standard of water-repellency than competitor products without using heat. Unlike PFC treatments, Nikwax can simply be air dried which saves on having to go through an extra step of applying heat to make your gear water-repellent!

Do Nikwax products change the color of footwear?

As with all other treatments for leisure, work or sports activities, Nikwax Waterproofing treatments may slightly darken light or unusual colored leather or fabric. However, our footwear range is specially formulated to minimize any change in color or texture of the leather or fabric. Waterproof protection with minimal visual change is far better than the discolouring, staining and water-spotting of untreated footwear.

Can I machine wash my jacket?

Most waterproof breathable jackets are machine washable but always read the care label first! Nikwax supports the use of machine washing with its products to provide fast, effective and even application.

What is DWR?

Durable Water Repellency (DWR) is an invisible water-repellent finish applied to the outer fabric of most outdoor clothing and equipment. It prevents the fabric from absorbing water by making water "bead up" on the surface and roll off. When DWR is compromised, either by being dirty, or by wearing off, the fabric will "wet out". Maintenance of the DWR by regular cleaning and re-waterproofing is vital to allow the fabric to breathe, as water vapor cannot pass through a saturated material.


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