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How to Clean and Waterproof Your Hiking Boots | Oboz Footwear
Oboz Footwear

How to Clean and Waterproof Your Hiking Boots | Oboz Footwear

Three simple steps is all it takes: clean, proof, and dry! Learn More: Your Oboz footwear is designed and constructed to support you in all kinds of outdoor activities and weather. However, with a little bit of care, you will extend the life of your boots and help keep your feet drier and happier. Cleaning: Mud and dirt can dry out the leather on your footwear, causing them to age prematurely. Rinse, brush or wipe off all dirt and mud after your adventures. Thoroughly clean your footwear a few times a season to extend their life. After removing the visible mud, we recommend Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel. It cleans the breathable surface, and prepares boots for any waterproofing treatment. When cleaning, avoid solvents, petroleum, and detergents. Whatever you do, do not put your shoes in a clothes washer or dryer! This will send your footwear to an early grave and adversely affect fit. Waterproofing: All Oboz footwear has a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish on the outside leathers and textiles, which can benefit from occasional retreating. If the surface of your shoes is absorbing water, it’s time to re-waterproof. Even styles with a B-DRY membrane will benefit from a re-application of DWR. Reviving breathability will reduce sweaty, clammy feet; and eliminate the “false leaking” sensation when excess perspiration can be confused with water coming in from the outside environment. Oboz highly recommends Nikwax for waterproofing. Although Sno-Seal and Mink Oil work perfectly for Norwegian welted boots, they can cause the cemented midsoles on your Oboz to dis-bond. Please note that any treatment can darken or discolor the leather. Drying: Excessive heat is one of the most damaging elements for your footwear. It can dis-bond the midsole and outsole, warp internal toe & heel counters, shrink materials, and dry out leather. It's tempting to set boots by the fire or bust out a hair dryer when the priority is dry boots for the next day; just know that doing so adversely affects longevity and fit. Dry your footwear at room temperature (60-70°F) away from direct sunlight and heat sources (heat registers, campfires, etc.). Stuffing your boots with newspaper can draw out a significant amount of moisture without nasty side-effects. Remember to pull out the O Fit Insoles™ after a day of hiking or running (even in dry climates). It will help your Oboz dry faster and will cut down on odor. Finally, don't forget your Oboz in the back of the car this summer—cars heat up under the summer sun and can warp shoes. Learn More: Oboz Footwear: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: