Clean Chemistry

An entirely PFC-Free, aerosol-free, and biodegradable high performance product line.

We do PFC-Free better. We’ve been PFC-Free and aerosol-free since our founding in 1977 and build our own products from scratch using the base materials. We know what’s in our products, and we’re experts at developing the best performing products using the cleanest chemistry possible. We maintain a Restricted Substance List that is stricter than industry standards and publish it for all to see.


Carbon Balancing

The ONLY outdoor company in the world to have offset its entire 40+ years of operations.

We actively work to reduce our contribution to climate change. Our carbon balancing efforts through The World Land Trust regenerate damaged areas and prevent further deforestation, helping to protect biodiversity and critically threatened species. 



Preserving and regenerating forests and protecting threatened ecosystems.

We support and promote organizations like The Conservation Alliance, Protect Our Winters, EOCA, and The World Land Trust, to regrow forests, combat climate change, and protect wild lands, public lands, and natural habitats.


cOnsumption reduction

Reducing waste and keeping gear out of landfills.

The average American throws out 82 lbs. of textile waste per year. Our products help reduce this type of waste by extending the life of gear, apparel, and footwear. With proper care, folks are less likely to throw away older garments and gear. The greenest outdoor gear is the gear you already have!