Nikwax Snow Squad

Our street team, spread across North America.


What is the Nikwax Snow Squad? Why does it exist? What types of people are involved?


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What is the Snow Squad?

Ski & snowboard instructors.

Ski patrollers.

Competitive riders or skiers.

Employees of a ski resort.

This gig is for you.

Snow Squad members are basically the informal street team for Nikwax, out at ski resorts all over the US and Canada. Their sphere of influence could include their co-workers, fellow instructors or patrollers, ski & snowboard students, ski resort guests & families, and more. 

In exchange for sharing their love for Nikwax with others, Snow Squad members will receive:

1)   Nikwax swag pack!

2)   FREE Nikwax product for the whole ski season!

3)   Opportunities to work sampling/marketing events on behalf of Nikwax, for some extra $$$!


Even if you join late in the season, we can still get you on the team and keep you there for next season. It’ll be here before we know it!


The Team

Brian Leahy_edited.jpg

Brian Leahy



Brian is the coolest dad. Like for real. His toddler daughter is already a better snowboarder, skier, & biker than all of us.

Corey Nugent.jpg

Corey Nugent



Corey’s ski lines are smoother than Andre 3000’s wardrobe. He floats through the powder like a knife through melted butter.

Kurt Schachner.jpg

Kurt Schachner


West Virginia

Some have called him the next Warren Miller. Some have mistaken him for a former cast member of Duck Dynasty. To others…he’s simply Kurt.

Greg Nelson.jpg

Greg Nelson



The definition of chill, Greg is just as likely to be found petting puppies as he is to be pushing powder. Be like Greg. Be chill.

Lucas Holt.jpg

Lucas Holt


West Virginia

Being born in the month of March, Lucas was always destined for greatness. He was also destined to love bike rides through the forest.

Kelsey Beverage.jpg

Kelsey Beverage


West Virginia

There’s not an outdoor activity that Kelsey doesn’t like. She has effortless swag and probably has more whitewater rafting stories than you.

brad andrew photo - portrait _lifeafterh

Ian Post

Mt. Baker


Often confused with Stephen Spielberg, Martin Scorcese, and Christopher Nolan, Ian’s films will surely dot your I’s and cross your T’s.

Reid Pitman.JPG

Reid Pitman

Crystal Mountain


Reid is the master of upping the stoke level and is a bonafide fun-chaser. It’s hard to have a bad day when this guy is around.

Engelbert Gal.JPG

Engelbert Gal

Boston Mills & BW


You probably know Engelbert. We mean that you might actually know him, for real. He might be the most socially connected ski-lover out there.

Jeff Ashton_edited.jpg

Jeff Ashton

RED Mountain

British Columbia

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…No! It’s Jeff doing some ridiculously-impossible aerials and looking like a complete boss while doing it.

Jason Albery.JPG

Jason Albery



Jason is a fun-chaser. Whether the beach or the slopes, he is going to bring the enthusiasm. And good luck beating him in Settlers of Catan.

Jes Albery.JPG

Jes Albery



If you can sign up for a snowboard lesson with Jes, do it. She is a borderline Jedi Master on the slopes and she loves sharing her passion.

Phil Forsey.JPG

Phil Forsey

Sunshine Village


Don’t go look at Phil’s Instagram page. I repeat, do NOT go look at his page. If you do, you will instantly pack all your belongings and move to Alberta.

Catherine Malette.jpg

Catherine Malette


British Columbia

Catherine holds the record for the fastest Snow Squad invitation acceptance, ever. She also just might save your life on the slopes. Respect.

Matthew Smith.JPG

Matthew Smith

Camp Fortune


From Quebec to Iceland, Matthew mobs through life with a constant stream of wilderness medical rescues, bike excursions, and powder sessions.

Denny Ives.JPG

Denny Ives

Aspen Snowmass


A true lover of nature, Denny is often found admiring his local wildlife neighbors, clearing trails, or teaching the next generation what real skiing is.

Mike Weiner.JPG

Mike Weiner

Park City


Mike lives in the giant playground known as Park City. He documents it all with his camera, making films that make all the jaws drop. All of them. 

Rita DeAngelis-Kockler.jpg

Rita DeAngelis-Kockler

Big Sky


Rita is dedicated to helping those around her get the absolute most out of life. As a snowboard instructor and parent, she spreads her passion well.

Brooke Salgado.JPG

Brooke Salgado



Brooke might just the most bonafide Oregonian out there, so ask her for some insider tips when visiting Oregon. From the pow to the sand.

TJ Flaherty.JPG

TJ Flaherty


New York

As an adaptive ski instructor, TJ knows a thing or two about what it takes to stay dry and warm all day out in the snow. He's a living legend.

Sean MacMillan_edited.jpg

Sean MacMillan


British Columbia

Sean has a deep love for his region and it is easy to see! He also knows his stuff when it comes to talking waterproofing and ski gear!


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