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Francis gets after it. He can send some beautiful lines up a route and also down a slope. He gets a lot of street cred for having a last name that starts with “Z” and he probably spends less than 17 total minutes indoors, each month.

​Keep up with Francis on Instagram:

Francis Zuber


If you ask Hayden to hang out, he might show up with a rope and carabiners. His interpretation of hanging out is often literal, and you can find him dangling from a rope, spending time on a portaledge, and sending 5.11s in his sleep.

Keep up with Hayden on Instagram:

Hayden Jamieson


His nickname is Denali. He has lived out of a van with his wife for the last 4 years. He is the person that you want with you if you ever encounter an avalanche. It’s possible that his secret powers originate from his majestically groomed facial hair.

Keep up with Matt on Instagram:

Matt Park


Collin is one of those people who has likely purchased at least 3 things from every single department at REI... and done so within the last 6 months. He’s like the swiss army knife of the outdoors, covering the full spectrum of experiences.

Keep up with Collin on Instagram:

Collin Blunk


A recent transplant to Idaho, Bix lives a life full of snow, bikes, education, and general outdoor recreation & badassery with his wife, Emma Walker. Together they make one of the hardest-hitting outdoor couples out there.  


Keep up with Bix on Instagram:

Bix Firer


Georgia… the land of peaches, a lot of football, and Mason. He spends his time romping around the national forests of the South, exploring the endless hills, rivers, and waterfalls that abide there. The dude seriously knows how to enjoy mother nature.

Keep up with Mason on Instagram:

Mason Thompson


If you’re out on the trails in the Cascade Mountains and you look really closely at the peak of the nearest, tallest mountain around, you will probably see Amber up there, just having dominated that ascent. She simply gets it done.

Keep up with Amber on Instagram:

Amber Chang


If it is in Canada and it is a beautiful geographical feature, Brendan has likely shot it on his camera: lakes, rivers, mountains, trees, waterfalls, canyons, ridgelines, snowcaps, lookouts, viewpoints, and even the occasional suspension bridge. Go check out his stuff!

Keep up with Brendan on Instagram:

Brendan Williams


It takes about 3 seconds of looking at Eric’s Instagram feed to determine that he is an adrenaline junkie. If he’s not bombing down a run then he’s likely hanging from a cliff, camping on a sketchy precipice, or logging major miles in his Suburban on lengthy roadtrip.

Keep up with Eric on Instagram:

Eric Chen


It’s safe to say that Nate probably spends more time outside than inside; mountains are like a second home to him. Equal parts humility, enthusiasm, and dedication, this guy feeds off of the moments experienced while outside, enjoying the vastness of mother nature.

Keep up with Nate on Instagram:

Nate Brown


Megan lives where we all want to… in the Canadian wonderland of Western Alberta. Be jealous. Her backyard has the majestic Canadian Rockies, but she’s always looking for the unexplored, the unique perspective, and the unnoticed details.

​Keep up with Megan on Instagram:

Megan Kapiniak


Milosz has a bucket list with only one place on it: everywhere. Adopting the moniker “Adventure Milo,” he travels the globe seeking out compelling stories. From the slopes of Mt. Everest to the streets of NYC, he aims to go further and dig deeper.

Keep up with Milo on Instagram:

Milosz Pierwola


“Colorado Colin.” No one calls him that, but it still has a nice ring to it. This guy knows Colorado like Denzel Washington knows acting. If you’re looking for a reliable photographer, adventure partner, or just a stand-up dude, this is your guy.

Keep up with Colin on Instagram:

Colin Murchison


When you have your own hashtag, you know that you’ve got a good thing going. Liz and her husband (Collin Blunk) are bonafide explorers and will endure any weather and any set of conditions to find the beautiful, hidden gems of the outdoors.

​Keep up with Liz on Instagram:

Liz Furmanski


Emma is ½ of the dynamic “Firewalker” duo, comprised of herself and her husband, Bix Firer. After exploring 98.3% of Colorado, they’ve moved on and started forging new paths in Idaho. Emma is the real deal, in the outdoor world.

Keep up with Emma on Instagram:

Emma Walker


If he’s not nailing a freeride run down the mountain then he is probably bagging a huge trout down at the river. Chance truly embodies the Montanan spirit. Recently ranked as the #1 Freerider in North America, Chance can certainly handle just about any terrain.

Keep up with Chance on Instagram:

Chance Lenay


Living in the idyllic region of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Nelson captures life outdoors in a beautiful way. His pictures tell stories and evoke feelings of nostalgia, timelessness, and the spirit of a Bob Ross painting.

Keep up with Nelson on Instagram:

Nelson Brown


If you’re looking for someone to guide you to unexplored backroads in Idaho, Ryan is your guy. This dual-sport master can also take you for a backcountry spin on a snowmobile, in case you’re looking for some snowy adventures.

Keep up with Ryan on Instagram:

Ryan Groseclose


Kevin’s middle name might be “Fresh Air.” He absolutely maximizes the fun to be had in the snow, on the mountain, on the trails, on the river, or on the lake. With Big Sky, Montana, as his backyard, he probably spends more time on the slopes than you do each Winter.

Keep up with Kevin on Instagram:

Kevin McAvey


You may have heard of Steven as the originator of the viral #trashtag hashtag on social media: an initiative to clean up trash that is found out in nature. With a perfectly groomed beard worthy of its own recognition, Steven is the picture of a true outdoorsman.

Keep up with Steven on Instagram:

Steven Reinhold


Pat has a “cool factor” score of 11/10. You’re likely to find him with a pair of crampons strapped on, up on the top of a majestic peak somewhere, scoping a 360* view. The guy can seriously work a camera, too. Sheesh.

​Keep up with Pat on Instagram: